Jonathan Fang

“In high school I was diagnosed with keloids which really got me depressed, I started modeling because of my insecurities. Not sure how I survived, but somehow I did. 

Modeling for me is not only to help me and my insecurities, but also to show everyone that as long as you accept who you are then there’s nothing you can’t do.”  - Jonathan Fang @jsmoothfang


Sunday Laundry


Sunday Laundry was born from a simple idea of delivering the message of a new beginning. Laundry is a mundane everyday chore, yet that feeling of smelling your fresh sheets or your favorite shirt straight from the laundry is so particularly nostalgic and it’s as if we have never used or worn these pieces before. 

Many associate change as being scary or even unwanted, but a new beginning is often welcomed- although uncertain and fearful of what may come, hope is the underlying foundation making something unmarked and unpaved that much more exciting. 

styling, art direction, words: Christina @cupofteena

photo: @ingmarchen

model: Alexis @blueflame.lex

special thanks to Ariel @stopariel and amazing @jacquemus hat